Practice match v Eastern Salvation Army C.C. – Sep 18

Please get to Marcellin at 10am for an 11 o’clock start.
Three sessions b/w 11am -5pm, separated by lunch and tea breaks. Food is organised – no need to bring anything.
Team: J.Dinneen, D.Cimoli, S.Kemp, P.French, J.Vear, C.Stewart, J.Sakowski, M.McColl, T.Rush, J.Black, T.Donnellan, D.Tantsis-Hall, R.Murray, T.Donnellan, D.Fallshaw
Training next Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd from 5pm.
Marcellin pre-season timetable 2010-11

Marcellin pre-season timetable 2010-11

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