From the President’s desk…

The season is quickly drawing toward finals and it seems that the boys have spent more time deciding when to play the ‘Left Bower’ instead of honing their cover drives as the rain inevitably tumbles down every Friday or Saturday. 

Rain and floods aside, the Baldies have prevailed so far to complete their first home and away season undefeated and without having to dust off the defibrillator once. Percentage of over 350 and having lost only 27 wickets for the season, the flag looks like it is theirs to lose. So we wish them all the very best this Sunday as they play the semi against Kew (presuming this will be at home at this stage). 

Our gallant U14’s have also battled away manfully during the season and with a final game remaining against the top team and arch rival Bulleen, they remain less than a game away from finals action.  An exciting Friday evening awaits down on the hard decks at home this week – bring along your deck chair, packet of crackers, cheese and something cold to wash it down and watch the entertainment unfold.

The ‘Quick Draws’ have dominated all season with centuries and five wicket hauls becoming the norm.  Holding on to second place entering the finals looks to be their lot with a few weeks of one-day games left.  All the best to the Brick and his merry band of orthodox spinners!

The Threes have been brave all year but will find themselves a game out of contention next week when the finals commence but the highlights have again been regular and the lads have had a cracking time of it throughout. 

The healthy competition for spots in the Ones and Twos has never been as fierce while both look like they will finish top two and with realistic tilts at promotion to Dunstan and B Grade. There is a noticeable spring the step of the Gnome as he marshals the troops at training and remembers fondly a time when he could keep up – a little sad but great to see the ‘cocka’ on top of his game still and keen as ever.  

For those representing the club in the coming weeks, all the very best from all of us who will around the place lending as much support as we can.


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