Two’s continue winning ways

Defending a very healthy 260+ against the Deepdene boys - Marcellin's bowlers made the most of some unusually 'soupy' December conditions to roll the Bears for 78 at Marcellin.  Massa picked up 4 wickets while Danny and Pete laid the foundations with some tight pacy bowling early.  Here is a few highlights.

Six Dinneens in the one side – a club first!

Six of the best – Left to Right John, Paul, Michael, Bernard, Steve and Daniel

There was no need calling out the bowlers name today – as scorer Joan Dinneen looked on proudly as her six sons took to the field in the same side today.  Between them they have a long list of Marcellin Cricketing achievements, both as schoolboys and as Old Boys, but as the planets all aligned into formation today, it was the first time all boys featured in the same team in the Maroon Cap, playing for the MOCCC Third XI against Glen Iris.  For the record, Mick Dinneen had the bragging rights with his unbeaten century the highlight of a 10 wicket win.

Round 2 – 20/20 – Toss of coins knocks us out.

The Marcellin boys turned up Tuesday night at Donvale’s ground for Round2 of the ECA 20-20 tournament.  The constant rain and poor light ensured no play so we reverted to a “toss of the coin” to see who would progress to the quarter finals.  A quick vote was taken amongst the team with a 7tails to 4 heads result.  The Donvale skipper tossed the 20c bit into the air and we called tails.  The coin landed heads and Marcellin are out of the comp.

Both sides were disappointed a game was not able to take place.

Hopefully this is our only loss for the year.